A Key Success factor
Creating a World-Class team.

The Unity of People who put
Passion, Talent, & Creativity into their Works.

In serving our clients as a partner, we bring experts from different background and experience to form our client services. GUTTZ is formed by a specialized team aims to deliver a turnkey solution for management to focus on their core business and grow their organization.

Whether you just need our advise, work together with your team or maybe you need us to manage and complete the project for you. Our team of marketers, programmers, and designers are driven by their passion to bring out the best of ourselves for clients.
experience design
Experience Design
Focused, Powerful, Scalable.
We optimize operations, raise performances and make work seamless.

Computer Science Lab

Technology is the key to unlocking higher performance and productivity for any organization. We are here to assist you in building modular, scalable, and process-driven applications that streamline workflows and boost your operations. Unleash infinite growth potential with technology in your company.
Refine Work Processes

As an organization grows, the interrelationship of people working with each other and their processes involves becomes increasingly complex. We make collaboration tools by customizing user friendly application that streamline your work process and integrate automation for your people.

Database Challenges

Commonly known as the big data, the growing amount of information in an organization can become complicated to handle. Each organization produces new data on a daily basis. When we customize an application, we take into consideration of the design of your database. With this in mind, we architect your database in the best possible way that suited to your organizational needs.

Browser Compatibility

The world is going mobile, with the increasing amount of new gadgets coming up. Making it a challenge for organizations to deliver content effectively to their audience as these gadgets comes with different sizes and browsers that is configured differently. We are capable of achieving high compatibility through responsive development model to ensure the content is delivered as what it is intended.

How We Can Help

application development
Application Development

Each organization is unique to the way each of them operates, we specialized in customizing application on the cloud. Whether your people are in the office, out for appointment or even overseas, we enable them to collaborate with each other on the application.

web development
Website Development

What if we could develop websites and application which can adapt to the different screen sizes and browsers? Our UX Studio team works together with us to deliver that seamless experience to all stakeholders.


The world wide web opens opportunity for busineses to make a sales transaction. We can help you to build a standalone e-commerce application or create one which integrate with your current database.

Interactive, Simple, Intuitive.
We craft interactions, streamline touch-points, and create memorable experiences.

UX Studio

User Experience can be the bridge for the relationship between brands and people. We are here to craft great experiences that brings your message across. Every one of our works goes through a structured process in researching your market and extracting it’s insights for production. We do all these to deliver the ideal experience to your target audience.
Unified + Harmony Visuals

Most UX designers focus on the experience itself, we think that UX is more than just the experience. For every project we embark on, we strive to design visuals that are both unified and harmonious to help brands achieve its optimal recognition.

Content Flow

From start to finish, we want your audience to respond in the way you want. We find out how exactly to do this by understanding their needs and desires, and deliver a positive brand experience for your audience.

How We Can Help

web design
Web Design

Originality, Usability & Features are integral to how a brand can differentiate and position itself in the market, these are the elements we will bring to the design of your website.

application design
Application Design

We would like to think that application design is an art of empowering people to be more productive. We create intuitive user interface to empower people and increase their performance.

brand design
Brand Design

A strong concept gives clarity to the identity of your brand. We emphasize on producing the best encapsulation of a brand by focusing on the relevance of our design to the audience.

Bold, Memorable, Engaging.
We strategize your communications, launch into markets and achieve the objectives.

Marketing Office

Every brand has a story to tell. We think marketing is the communication between brands and people. Your story should be engaging, simple to understand and keeps your audience focused on your message. It is our challenge to bring your presence through your identity with the right strategy, concept and content on the right platform.
Strategic Brand Communication

The success of a plan is often determined by the strategy driving it. We focus on the big picture by covering the different aspect of your brand communication - target audience, identity, positioning, distribution and more. Through strategy, we deliver the right message to create exclusivity to be branded and loved.

Campaign Execution

Marketing Campaigns are essential to keep your brand vibrant. A well-planned campaign involves integrating all marketing activities to amplify your message to the audience. In formulating your marketing campaign, we focus on reaching out your audience in the best way possible through considering the overall plan for the campaign.

How We Can Help

marketing plan
Marketing Planning

We start a marketing planning by analyzing current market conditions and strategizing the execution of your campaign to achieve your objectives.

Advertising & Promotions

Whether it is a new or establish brand, we'll get your brand out there to make an impact by building connection and creating moments with your audience.

marketing campaign management
Campaign Management

We pay close attention to the important aspect of the campaign and ensure that its carry out smoothly to achieve the objective set for your campaign.