Where Our People's Aspirations Have Led Us
and Where They Will Take Us Next.

Every move brings us one Step closer in becoming
A Leading Enterprise Development Agency

Jan 2014

GUTTZ aims to establish itself as a leading enterprise development agency, providing turnkey solutions through combining Marketing and Technology.

Dec 2012

More than 90% of our Clients are still with us. Majority of 2012 sales activities are contribution from existing client’s new projects and new clients referred to us.

Mar 2012

Led by one of the new co-Founders at GUTTZ, Initiator is created as a platform to open opportunities for graduates to go through capability trainings with the leaders in the areas of corporate planning, business development, marketing, creative direction, content writing, designing, programming, and technology maintenance.

Nov 2011

GUTTZ receives a strong demand from existing client to expand its services in offering a complete digital solution.

Jun 2010

GUTTZ is incorporated as a business entity in Singapore.

Dec 2008

A web technology framework is built as a base application structure that enables the customization of application processes designed specifically to empower people in an organization with technology.

Jun 2008

The first version of this framework is finalized through the experiences gathered from the working relationship with business leaders, social organization volunteers, community servants, and people from all walks of life that provide their insights over the years.

Dec 2003

GUTTZ’ history is rooted back as early as the year 2003, when one of its co-founders began his journey to build a framework,  capable of creating an organization that can generate its own resources and create a better place for the people around them.